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"Thank you, Song. This has been a well-managed project from Day One, brought in on time and in good form. Kudos to the people on the front line -- principally you and Julie. Many thanks,"

- Annag Rose Chandler, Chief Operating Officer, Mark Ross International, Ltd.

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The Chinese J-20 stealth fighter received quite an attention in early 2011. Song published three observations on Chinese fighter pilots depicted in a Chinese novel. Are Chinese pilots skilled with English? Who is the controling force of the Chinese air force? Is there any personalization? Read more ....

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White Song supports corporate endeavors to conduct business in foreign countries and with people from different cultural backgrounds. Services provided include localization; marketing, legal, software and web site translations in all major languages; and tools facilitating international travel, such as the books Beijing Show and Go! and Shanghai Show and Go!.



We focus on multi-language books. In April 2010, we published Shanghai Show and Go!, the 2nd in the collection of Show and Go!™ travel guides—the innovative handy pocketbooks for international travelers. Available is another unique book, A History of the Press in Hong Kong, which records the history of Hong Kong press in late 18th-early 19th century.


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About White Song

Founded in January 2003, White Song has served companies from the U.S. and China. The companies White Song served include Accenture, Morgan Stanley, and Cartus. Find out what our clients say about White Song.