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"Working with White Song for translation services has been a critical component of Niko’s success for projects that have included multiple languages. Niko Partners considers White Song as a true partner for multi-language translation work, one who is reliable, honest, responsive, prompt, and thorough. On each project we have partnered on for translation services, White Song has provided just what we had hoped for – thorough, accurate work. We look forward to many more projects together."

- Lisa Cosmas Hanson, Managing Partner, Niko Partners

White Song Services

White Song supports corporate endeavors to conduct business in foreign countries and with people from different cultural backgrounds. Services provided include localization; marketing, legal, software and web site translations in all major languages; and tools facilitating international travel, such as the books Beijing Show and Go! and Shanghai Show and Go!.

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Business Development

White Song will provide you assistance in developing a Business Plan that takes into consideration attributes of the China business environment. White Song will facilitate the development of your Marketing Plan, either for China or the US, and will assist in the production of Marketing Materials either for release in China or in the US. Finally, White Song will assist you in establishing your Multilingual Website implementing the requirements for critical position in search engines and ensuring your message and product are exposed in a functional site that is intuitive and cosmetically appealing to your customer.


To facilitate the decision-making process necessary in the development of your business, White Song will provide Translation of Government Regulations and Legal Documents. To assist in the important and critical communication processes that are necessary to support your company, White Song will provide Professional Interpreters to support Meetings, Presentations, and Phone Conversations.


To build a firm foundation for your executives and corporate staff, White Song will provide Cross Cultural Training on Chinese business manners and conduct, with the objective of ensuring your organization, products, and services, are well received in very competitive markets.

Travel Tools

White Song also has tools to aid your travel in China such as "Beijing Show and Go!" and "Shanghai Show and Go!", a set of pocketbooks that allow traveler to communicate during their stay in China without being able to speak, read, or write Chinese. Click here to download the free pages of the Show and Go!™ pages.

Show and Go!™ travel aid collection. Never get lost again.