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Shanghai Show and Go!, the handy Pocketbook, Published April 12, 2010

Shanghai Show and Go!, the Pocketbook, Published April 12, 2010

Lafayette, CA — April 21, 2010 — Shanghai Show and Go!, the 2nd in the collection of Show and Go!™ travel guides for China, is available April 12, 2010. This handy pocketbook presents a new idea in travel guides for people who don’t know the local language.

It’s a simple idea—with Shanghai Show and Go!, you can show the page that has what you want to communicate to a cabdriver, hotel clerk, or someone on the street—they’ll point the way and you will find what you need.

This travel guide has many innovative features that really make it stand out from other typical travel books on the market today. It is the same size as a business card, so it can easily fit into a user’s pocket. It contains a small city map for quick reference and the basic words for a traveler to get around from day to day. Users also have access to the latest content updates via www.ishowandgo.com. Whether on business or just vacationing, Shanghai Show and Go! is a handy item to have.

Each page has both English and Chinese with the Mandarin pronunciation, Pinyin, which shows the user how to actually say the Chinese words! These pages are full of useful travel phrases and information that help the user ask directions and get emergency assistance. Other pages include information on how to use Shanghai transportation (bus, subway, train, taxi), the local phone, and favorite Shanghai dishes.

The authors of the book are a wife-husband team residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Song and Adam White. Song is a language and cultural consultant. She came up with the idea for this helpful book after having seen many travelers suffer and miss out on many fun activities due to the language barrier. Adam is an IT consultant and a frequent traveler. After undergoing several rounds and a couple years of testing and selecting, they finalized a book of 66 business card-sized pages, that include a phone directory of important numbers, places to shop, sights to see, table manners, local holidays and time zones.

“The book is such a clever idea. Rather than try to pronounce and cause frustration, just point at the sentence or word. It's very easy to understand, and I can see how it is valuable when traveling," said Wendy J Shepard of San Francisco. With the Shanghai World Expo 2010 just around the corner in May, this will be an indispensable travel companion for a trip to China. The book can be ordered from www.whitesongbooks.com.

The 1st in the series, Beijing Show and Go! was introduced in 2008. According to Song White, the author and the publisher of the books, there will be other major Chinese cities in the Show and Go! ™ travel guides collection including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi’an, and Taipei.

White Song Books

Shanghai Show and Go!


Soft Cover $9.99

April 12, 2010

ISBN 978-0-9815621-1-7

About White Song Books

White Song Books focuses on multi-language and culture book publishing. With a group of designers and professionals coming from different language and cultural backgrounds, White Song Books produces the highest quality multilingual, cultural and travel books. In 2008, White Song Books introduced a new travel pocketbook, the 1st in the series, Beijing Show and Go!. As small as a business card, the book allows travelers in foreign cities like Beijing to get around without knowing the local language. Shanghai Show and Go!, 2010, is the 2nd in the collection.